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1-1-18: Q&A: review R*FR; I reviewed *EUFRPD; have you reviewed SR*UFRPD; did you review TK*UFRP; with me W-PL; with my W*PL; , for example, TPRA*FRPLD; take a look THRAOBG; take a look at THRAOBGT; take a look at the THRAOBGTD; I should EURBD; I should have *EUFRBD; I should have been EURBLGS; DUI TKW*U; for me TPOPL; for my TPO*PL; the question T*FP; preparation PR-PGS; in preparation TPHR-PGS; at some point SPOEUPT; I look EUBLG; you looked UBLGD; as a result SARLT; as the result SERLT.: Q&A: jersey SKWRAERZ; Jersey SKWRA*ERZ; at home THOEPL; did you know TK*UPB; Mr.Lit: expanse SPAPBS; aggressiveness TKPWR*EFPBS; aggressive TKPWR*EFS; devastate TK*EFS; devastation TK*EFGS; devastating TKEFGS; liable HRAOEUBL; liability HRAOEUBLT; product PRUBGT; cancer KARPBS; on a AOPB; on an AO*PB; reasonable RAOEPBL; reasonably RAO*EPBL; reason RAOEPB; you should URBD; you should not #URBD; cigarette STKPWRET; pretty soon PRETS; pretty sure PR*ETS; cirrhosis SROESZ; accessory SEURS; accessories SEURSZ; simple SEUFRPL; simply S*EUFRPL; asserts SAERTS; addict TKAEBGT; addictive TKA*EFBGT; millions PHEULZ; advertise TEUS; phobia TPOEUB; impotent KPWOEPBT; impotence KPWOEPBS; literature HRURT.

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Lit: if you're TP-FRD; just a few SKWRUFR; online O*PBL; only OPBL; website WEBS; outage OUPBLG; cyber SAOEURB; hacker HARBG; hackers HARBGS; for these TPORPG; for those TPOFBL; scenario STPHAOR; equivalent KW*EUFPLT; disaster STKA*RS; network TPHERBG; to say TOS; impossible KPWOBL; possible POBL; communication KPHAOUBGZ; media PHAED; studies STEUDZ; technology TOELG; technological TO*ELG; systems S-PLZ; predictable PREUBL; prevent PR*EFPBT; a lot of AEUFLT; failure TPAURL; catastrophe KA*EFS; confine KWAOEUPB; continent KO*PBT; continental KOPBLT; couldn't KOPBT.

12-18-17: Q&A: at the time of the accident TEFBGS; right foot RAOEUFT; left foot TPHREFT; rate of speed RAEUPS; less than HREPBS; part of PAFRT; part of the PAFRTD; front of TPROF; the front of #TPROF; did you hear TKUFRPL; expansion SPAPBGS; in front TPHROPBT; in front of TPHROF; in front of the TPHROFT; gas station TKPWAGS; vehicle SREBG; accident happened STK-PD; the accident happened #STD-PD; accident occurred STKURD; the accident occurred #STKURD; prior to PRAO; prior to the PRAOT; pressure PRUR; medium PHAOEPLD; heavy H*EF; I was like EUFLS.

Lit: NCRA TPHA*RBG; RPR R*RP; RMR R*RPL; CRR KR*R; designate STKEUGT; designation STKEUPBGS; certify SER; certification SERGS; recognize ROEUZ; recognition ROEUGS; fellow TPO*EL; foal TPOEL; reporters ROERTS; court reporters KROERTS; court reporting KROERGT; manage PH-G; management PH-GT; study STEUD; establishes STAEBZ; professional PROEFL; eligible SKWREUBL; eligibility SKWREUBLT; foundation TPOUPBGS; foundational TPOUPBLGS; official TPEURBL; student STAOUPBT; salary SARL; license HR-PBS; require RAOEUR; requirement RAOEURPLT; look for HRAOFR; looking for HRAOFRG.

12-8-17: Q&A: birthday PW-RD; I just *EUPBLG; I can't have KWRA*F; you can't have TKWRA*F; where that WR-LGTS; not really TPH*RL; I really *EURL; anyone TPHEUPB; anyone else TPHEUPBLS; burger PW-RG; hamburger H-RG; cheeseburger KH-RG; take TAEU; take a TA*EU; anything like TPHEUL; anything like that TPHEULT; day of the TKAEUFT; day of the week TKAEUFBG; day of the accident TKAEUFBGS; days of the week TKAEUFBGTS; days a week TKAEUFBGZ; all day AULD; had you ever been H*UFRB; have you ever been SR*UFRB; did you do TKURPBLGS; what did you do WHA*UD; what do you do WHAO*UD.

Lit: Thomas THOPLS; northern TPHOERPB; Los Angeles HRAEUPBGS; hurricane HURBG; freeway TPROEU; transform TR*PL; transmit TR-PLT; transmission TR-PLGS; transformation TR*PLGS; Pacific PAFBG; evacuated SRABGTD; along HRAOPBG; along the HRAOPBGT; downtown TKOUPBT; the only TOPBL; Gabriel TKPWAEURBL; Fernando TPO*ERPBD; horrible HORBL; horribly HO*RBL; transverse TRA*FRPBS; fragment TPRAGT; coastal KOEFL; desert STKERT; natives TPHA*EUFTS; explore SPHROR; explorers SPHROERZ; textbook TEFB.

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