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Listen to me, our village has four heads and we are the fourth head.

And they kept on telling Mansa Appai he has cleared too many paths and the main road is impassable, strewn with too much dirt.

He burnt down the baobab under which we used to sit, commissioned a jukebox that is a kora, a xalam, a sabarr built in one.

It was dolce vita, the good life, for the people of Jali Kunda until that day when Mansa Dikay whom, we the jalis crowned ‘Fount of Peace’, fled across the river and Mansa Appai was throned.

He said he loved us the jalis and wanted us to be one of the ores he was going to melt in his crucible. But soon afterwards, our elders decided Appai was clearing too many bush paths and the main road was getting bushy.

So, in the best tradition of jalis, they began telling him.

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