James franco dating

I was a little confused and mixed-up when it came to dating."Meanwhile, when it comes to romance and dating nowadays, the star notes that social media can sometimes make it a bit challenging."You get to know someone much quicker," he says.

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He got into a bit of hot water in May when he tried to arrange a late-night rendezvous with a 17-year-old he met on Instagram.

Other than that, we haven't heard much about James Franco's love life; now we know why.

"It's a total filmmaking class: In the fall, the writing students come up with a concept, and in the spring, I take over and we shoot it." The premise of would require," Franco says, "and because the idea of having inmates putting on a play opens up all sorts of unconventional casting possibilities, and you get all this crazy shit outside of the play." is an unmistakably shoestring production.

Franco persuaded Camilla Belle and Summer Phoenix to star as asylum inmates, essentially as favors to him; family and friends of the production are helping out as extras.

He's acted in smash comedies and action blockbusters, like But Franco's an idiosyncratic and indefatigable polymath, too – or, depending on your level of skepticism, a hyperactive dilettante – who's spent the past decade hopscotching between a bewildering array of pursuits.

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