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That is until I skipped dying, was reborn, and am now a clumsy bucking bronco's sister. At least I don't have a psychopath out for my head.

Cast into Westeros as a child once more and given the name Melara Frey, Pansy has to work to rebuild a life for herself, find love in the process and perhaps take care of a few lions while she's at it.

Beware the Serpent Queen (Pansy/Robb)You know, I had a pretty normal life.

As war takes hold will he rise to win the game or will he be crushed by the factions all around him. Luna has always had a special relationship with Death, especially after her mother died.

And after the final battle as she lies dying on the floor of the great hall, the spectre, claiming she was robbed of the life she should have had sends her to Westeros where she is reborn as the twin sister of Rhaegar Targaryen.

The true time-turner was slammed savagely into Hermione's throat.

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