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To make sure that I had an even chance of fathering any kid that popped out of her nine months after the wedding, I had made a pair of very substantial deposits of cum into Rhonda a couple of hours before we said "I do".Six weeks later she announced that she was in the family way, or as she put it, "knocked up".My old girlfriends couldn't believe that I'd married a "porker".

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Naturally he will have to reach some type of accommodation with his faithless wife and her brood, none of whom are related in any way to him.

This is good and then again, not so good, but I'm sure it will be entertaining as he deals with the female members of Rhonda's family.

Well, that was nearly twenty years ago and plenty has happened since we started courting.

Much of it was great fun, but lately things have taken a decided turn for the worse.

Livin' In the Country Another Epilogue To those readers who indulged me as I wandered from the main path of the story, my thanks.

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