Exchange server 2016 global address list not updating

I left this for about 30 minutes before restarting Outlook only because I wanted to test the result quickly.

You'll be able to tell it has taken effect when an Outlook autoconfiguration test returns the new value for Exchange HTTP.

After waiting a while and then restarting Outlook the client is connecting to the newly configured namespace.

A mailbox user connecting via Outlook 2013 is connected to server E15MB2, as shown here in the Outlook connection status dialog.

There was no manual configuration required for this, it is just how Outlook autodiscovered the endpoint to connect to.

Resolve-Dns Name mail.exchange2013Name Type TTL Section IPAddress ---- ---- --- ------- --------- mail.exchange2013A 3600 Answer mail.exchange2013A 3600 Answer The change made with Set-Outlook Anywhere is not instantaneous.

Last modified 24-Nov-2017 14:30