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Walking into a bar here and seeing confederate flags everywhere.... You guy lost the war (and it's the Civil War, not the War of Northern Aggression you dumbasses) and it's time to realize you're part of this fucking country. Someone needs to teach the south what the word 'conservation' means.5) Neglect of Public Health The South is fat. Also, please remove the mothballs from your mouth when you speak.

Different races tend to have their own neighborhoods and racism still abounds.

What people wouldn't dream of saying up north due to common decency is throw around here as if it means nothing at all. The only good things in the south are New Orleans and some of those old settlement sites you find in Virginia (note: there are many, though that may not even consider Virginia to be in the south; note 2: I heard good things about Nashville and Austin; note 3: I don't consider Florida to be a part of the south, it just seems like its own place; note 4: I'm not counting all the great bands that have come from the south).

There aren't Starbucks at every corner (which I'm sure seems great until you're looking for a decent cup of coffee in the morning and all you find is Bubba's discount gas) and the whole region has a sort of innocence to it, like it hasn't been perverted by the hedonism of modern culture. 4) The Environment They don't care about the environment here. Now if you need a truck to haul stuff or go off-roading, that's one thing, but how many people are actually using their trucks for that? And you have all those Chevy and Ford ads basically telling you that trucks are the 'All-American' vehicle. All these things do is abuse the environment and help to perpetuate American dependency on foreign oil. They continue to eat BBQ and fried foods (why is there a need to fry pickles of all things? Dude, it doesn't get nearly as cold here as it does up north. Have some self-pride.6) They drink light beers Pussys.7) The Redneck Factor The Redneck stigma is commonplace in the south, and it almost seems like people down here embrace it. I have no problem if you wanna be religious, but don't let it control your life and don't let it determine how you're going to judge other people.

Okay, I guess that's cool and all, but living in the past will only make you aversive to the present. My background is in environmental science and I love nature... Every time we buy a truck we make a Saudi prince smile. You realize we make fun of you for being a 'redneck', right? Granted, if I lived in the south I might have to turn to God just so I wouldn't go insane and kill myself.9) Learn to Talk Y'all is NOT a word.

Just listening to people down here talk (decent people that I've worked with) is rather disheartening.

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