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If you choose to proceed, then this is will be of your own volition and at your own risk.

Guinness World Records will not monitor, measure or verify this activity. Still, I have contacted them again for further clarification, to see if they can give more information about why the record was rejected and if anything can be changed to make it acceptable. Thanks for letting me know my record application (171122151758mact) was rejected. I am happy to make amendments so it acceptable to you. Covered by umbrella and double bagged in cagoules we stand.

However, I had to abandon the user voting system as the cost of installing it onto my site wasn't practical. You can read and submit stories further down the page. She explored and explored, and in a room she found a body. One minute I was running for the bus, the next I was in a white room with people looking at me through green masks and goggles.

The submission criteria are nice and simple: more to publish the anthology. "Say it again." Matthew pauses and then babbles, "Mum, Mum." Story 086 by Andrew Welsh Toby marches down the street banging his drum while yelling with enthusiasm. Story 092 by Tarquin Calver I go a bit funny when bored. Before I could think too deeply about that though, I could see light again, but this one was different in some way.

I submitted it straight away and it was published within 10 minutes. I'm looking to the future and what's around the next corner on my journey. Sam reminded herself of the story, "Those who enter the smoke stack property are never seen again." It sounded like an urban legend heard in towns across America. "You go on ahead, dear, I'll catch up later." He marches away, a receding red rucksack.

I used this as a case study, to illustrate how quickly you could become a published writer by using flash fiction sites like 81words - achievable, even if you're the busiest person on the planet. He was developing a new project called Fretmeister, which was working really well. 81words had a lot of users (about 2,500) but it didn't receive very much traffic (only around 10 visits a day). Story 122 , if I'm not mistaken." "Are you addressing me, sir? " "Nobody." "You must be somebody." "I keep a low profile. Then she fell into a hole and was never heard from again. She's always felt like a cork bobbing helplessly in his wake through company dinners, bowls club afternoons and now rambles; a lumpy, slightly dishevelled, embarrassment.

This meant he didn't have time to give 81words the attention it needed. There were 2 options of how to proceed: A few users from my email list expressed an interest in getting involved with helping me run the wesite, which was very much appreciated. If the traffic levels were high enough, I planned to monetise the site using Google Ad Sense, so the ongoing running-costs (d0main, hosting, updates etc.) were covered. " "The Common Toad." "Not so much of the common." "How unexpected. " "Just a woman with a Shih Tzu." "Bless you." "Have we met before? Struggling over a stile, she finds him collapsed on the verge, frothy, blue-tinged lips gasping. "You go on ahead, dear, I'll catch up later." Story 125 by Linn Kier Alice said, "I want to change my name." He said, "But I like the name Alice.

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