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Breakfast Alone, out February 10th on yk records, is a culmination of years honing in on a sound that merges country and gospel motifs, rooted in strong lyricism, a dash of subversion and the ability to praise honesty – through both personal and musical truths – above all else, draped in melodies that dance away the despair."I don't know if mainstream country is ready for it, but I hope they are," he says.We see them on paper, but depending on the app or how well they've filled out their profile, there's not always depth.

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Not so for Caress, who hopes to help the genre loosen its often conservative reins, an image that even touches the far fringes of Music Row where "outlaw" can be synonymous with a proto-masculinity and rebellion via scruffy beard and scruffier denim.

But Caress also wanted to avoid turning his sexuality into some sort of "big reveal" marketing talking point, trivializing something as innate to his genetic imprint as the color of his eyes.

And no, these clips aren't meant to be testimonials where you talk in length about what you're looking for (no, please no), instead these are the memorable videos that you've probably shared on Instagram, Facebook or sent to your friends from your camera roll.

Last October, the former dating app ditched the swiping games and became a relationship-oriented app, giving users a totally new platform with social media-inspired profiles and fun questions, like "Next vacation I want to go on" and "Go-to karaoke song", and the app has already seen success.

"We’ve designed Hinge profiles to give a full picture of who our Members are, and it’s working," Mc Leod says.

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