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Ironically, Blanc's characterization of the Woody Woodpecker laugh had originally been applied to Happy Rabbit, a Bugs Bunny predecessor (which was Bugs Bunny originally, but different) in shorts such as the aforementioned Elmer's Candid Camera and was later transferred to Woody.

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In 1947, contract renewal negotiations between Lantz and Universal (now Universal-International) fell through, and Lantz began distributing his cartoons through United Artists.

Former Disney animators such as Fred Moore and Ed Love began working at Lantz, and assisted Lundy in adding touches of the Disney style to Woody's cartoons.

The follow-up to The Barber of Seville, The Beach Nut, introduced Woody's original chief nemesis, Wally Walrus. In 1946, Lantz hired Disney veteran Dick Lundy to direct Woody's cartoons.

Lundy rejected Culhane's take on the series and made Woody more defensive; no longer did the bird go insane without a legitimate reason.

He also made a cameo alongside many other famous cartoon characters in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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