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The higher the number, the finer, shinier, and more exclusive the fabric.

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Black tie refers to a formal evening dress code that typically requires men to be dressed in tuxedo and women in evening gown. It is my goal to make this black tie guide both: concise and simple.

Whether you are looking for a quick guide to this formal dress code, or are a black tie regular that is looking for new, creative ways to dress for this strict dress code, my guide will give you all the answers.

As I had mentioned, black is the classic tuxedo color for black tie functions but a dark midnight blue is an acceptable, and equally suited alternative.

Both, black and midnight blue, are acceptable black tie tux colors for evening wear.

The classic tuxedo is made from a fabric that has a fine diagonal ribbed texture that is also known as grosgrain. It is more carefree than silk and much more breathable and comfortable than a synthetic fiber.

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