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You actually start to believe their friends when they're constantly telling them that they're not going to work as a couple.The inevitable circumstances that cause problems for them seem extremely forced and predictable, as is their eventual reunion.Kirk is an average Joe who works as a TSA agent at the Pittsburgh airport with his friends.

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While sitting and in a continuous conversation that does not show him getting his beer or someone handing it to him, the beer is seen on the scoring table in one shot and then suddenly is in his hands two shots later.

In subsequent shots while they're debating Kirk's hotness number, Stainer's beer bottle is alternately seen both in his hands and on the scoring table. "She's out of My League is a fairly typical comedy.

There's little imagination involved in the story, that's for sure.

It probably seems like I didn't particularly like the movie, but I did.

Jay Baruchel plays an utterly average guy named Kirk, who is nothing more than mediocre in every aspect of his life, career, and looks.

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