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It's from the "scrapbook" section at Glory Hole Swallow.

Description: "This is a private video Claire sent me a while ago showing me how she gets herself off.

as I dont even know her real name or where she lives and dont care too! All she have to do is send link/wish list to ' Webmaster' as real proof and then sit back and have easy £££.

Be nice way true fans can thank her eg 50fans x £20each =£1000per month for enjoyment of her old films. Some people can call it 'stalking' and they are probably right about one or two individuals, it's a big world out there, but I believe most of Claire's fans, me included, just wish the best for her and would be happy to support her endeavors in any way possible.

You’d think a dentist with a garage full of supercars and years of work would have some decent backup and redundancy procedures for risk avoidance but I guess anyone can get complacent.

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