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The Stone Man's Wife By: Sailbad Can I go first this time, Sadie, asked Timmy as he happily skipped at Sadies side? Im going first, said Seth as he pushed Timmy away and took his place beside her. She looked about her as she walked to make sure no one was watching. She would never let them know it but she was quite anxious herself for the fun to start. The two boys were jumping and skipping around her in obvious excitement and she worried it might spark idle curiosity. He jumped in front of Sadie and walked backwards in front of her. Youre both good and its not just about being fast, she scolded. For the sake of expedience, that was the simplest way she could say it. Hey, where ya goin, he said amidst his huffs and puffs? Daves brows knitted over his eyes in perplexed denial and he pleaded, Why? However, it was not completely emotionally stimulating for her and not quite as physically satisfying as she would have liked.

Sadie rolled her eyes and wondered why she put up with such childishness. She needed to make sure the two boys were not making a spectacle of themselves in case anyone might happen to notice their boisterous posturing. She climbed up the embankment and started up the trail. In a few short yards they were out of sight from everyone. Actually, speed had nothing to do with it at all and she wished they would understand that. Timmy was a loyal friend and playing favorites confused him. He did not need a billboard to tell him where they were headed and why. She did not feel the boys shared her intellectual appreciation for the act.

They had just passed the last house where the road headed into a forest before it curved to follow the railroad tracks. Lets take the short cut through the woods, she suggested. She had always decided on the games they played, the rules they played by, and who got to play. She really liked him and she did not like doing this to him but it had to be this way. Eager to please and hungry for these new, wanton sensations, Sadie had directed the boys development to propel some real kicks.

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Sadie loved being in control, especially when she got what she wanted out of it. And she had always been the de facto leader of the kids in her neighborhood. Ill explain it to you later but not now, Sadie maintained sternly. She learned about sex the year before, among her school chums, and had introduced the boys to it soon after.

Boys were so easy to control when you had something they wanted. Her nature with them being what is was, it was not long before she taught them new ways to play, ways that fed into her emerging sexuality and her bodys growing needs.

She promised herself she would sit all three of them down and explain it to them. Away from school, her social circle shrank to this juvenile band of childhood playmates.

Sadie was usually candid with her friends but a lecture to them about where babies come from was nothing she really had time for at this moment. She had many friends from school and over the years had expanded her universe of interests beyond childish play and into new games with bigger fun.

It might have been because he was a mute; he had lost his larynx to a bullet in the Great War and communicated by use of a slate and chalk that hung from twine around his neck.

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